3 Ways to Research Domestic Adoptions



God blessed us with our son through adoption.

So you’ve decided on adopting domestically,

here comes the fun part,

what do you do next?

Who do you contact?

What’s the cheapest way to adopt?

“I don’t care who, what, when, where, I just know God is calling me to adopt.”

So how do I adopt?


One of my favorite pictures of our daughter Joyful.

1. Check locally first.

Call up Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Drop off a personal family profile (contact information included!)

to local hospitals, OB/GYNs, and women’s shelters.


In 2010, our newly arrived family of 5!

2. Research the different ways to adopt domestically:

a. fostering to adopt through the state

b. adopting through a private adoption lawyer

c. working with a birthmother facilitator

d. signing up with an adoption agency

* If you are medically infertile, look into catholic charities

and other organizations who facilitate adoptions at less cost.

There are pros and cons to all of these.


Credit: Ali Mocabee/SouriantDesigns.com

3. Talk with others who’ve adopted.

If you don’t know anyone who has, google.

Usually once you meet one person who has adopted,

they have contacts with others as well!

Feel free to email me.

Two day old Joyful

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