Tasty Yogurt Pancakes


Early weekend tradition: Something Sweet for Breakfast


Typically I keep the sweets low in my family’s diet.

But it’s hard to deny the kids one sweet breakfast a week

especially as we always are eager for the weekend

which means more time with Daddy!


Recently the kids have requested Mickey Mouse.

So we celebrate weekends and

what’s a good way to kickstart the last day of school for the week

but pancakes?

We use the Creamy Yogurt Pancakes from Delia Creates.

I don’t buy extra ingredients if I can make do with what I have.

So I use regular whole wheat flour,

whole flax seeds (don’t even grind them up),

whole rolled oats (gives a good chewy texture)

and if any sugar typically I leave it out

(unless my homemade yogurt is particularly tangy)

then I’ll use maple syrup.

It’s easy and fills you up without weighing you down!


I’m not the best pancake shaper around but it sure does taste good!

What toppings do you like on your pancakes?

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