My Kids are Hoarders


How many blankets are enough for Sweet Cheeks?

What is enough?

Is there a standard for enough?

Do your kids also like to pick up trash and call it treasure?


I have mentioned this book before,  More Or Less

I just keep reading it and it’s so good!

I wrestle with determining what the kids enjoy and delight in

and what is excessive or plain junk.


Do you ever look around and just realize all the messes are made up of stuff?

How much stuff do I need?


As we go overseas, I want to downsize and reduce the luxuries to just our true favorites.


Loving brothers give Sweet Cheeks their blankets to cuddle with in the morning.

Have you wrestled with these questions?

How do you handle it with your kids?

And I’m not off the hook yet, I need to also ask the tough questions for myself.

What are necessities and what are conveniences?

How much stuff do I need until I am satisfied?

When is it enough?

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