Pinterest-Worthy Chocolate-Dipped Biscuits Dipped with Cookie Butter


I’ll admit it, I’m pinning this because it was just too good not to share with the world.

It’s like…

peanut butter & chocolate.

toast & butter

rainboots & puddles

hugs & kisses…

it just goes perfectly together!

Biscuits topped with cookie butter and dipped in chocolate

Biscuits topped with cookie butter and dipped in chocolate

My sister in law and I dreamed up the recipe while tasting BelVita biscuits in Costco last week.

You don’t even need to write down a recipe,

I don’t do well with multiple steps or measurements,

so you get to put on your dessert brain!

Chocolate Dipped Biscuits Ingredients

Chocolate Dipped Biscuits Ingredients

You get to buy these ingredients.

What a privilege, right???

I used chocolate chips and melted them in a double-boiler.

Bought the BelVita Cinnamon biscuits

Cookie Butter is from Trader Joe’s

Biscuits with Cookie Butter

Biscuits with Cookie Butter

Slather the cookie butter on the biscuits.

Here comes the hard part,


Pre-Frozen Chocolate Dipped Biscuits

dip them in chocolate

and SHARE them!

Biscuits Dipped In Chocolate

Frozen Biscuits Dipped In Chocolate

I found freezing them on a cookie sheet with waxed paper

(also the silicone nonstick sheets work too!)

is a great option to ensuring the ingredients stay put.

You can totally make them fun with sprinkles or as a sandwich.

Let me know if you make them or any variations you try!

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