Operation Tomato Garden


What mother makes her kids look into the sun for a picture???? This one.

I am super excited about this new project!

We are going to construct an experiment and collect data for what tomato plants produce the most.


The Third with Better Boy tomato plant.

We picked up different tomato plants for each child and I have seeds already

and will compare, contrast and don’t forget, taste the fruit of our labors.


Joyful with Big Beef tomato plant.

I’m excited about this project but I don’t have high hopes as we’ll be gone for 6 weeks

and will be leaving the plants unattended.

Still the memories already are stacking up!


Hallmark with Roma Tomato Plant.


Sweet Cheeks with the Ace Tomato.

We’ll update on instagram our progress!

Look me up:Instagram


Digging and Planting, here we come!


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