Let Your Kids Be Kids

I am not talking let them run all over you, but I do mean, to encourage you to find the balance of calm, quiet and serene children and wild, overzealous, crazy.

We try to do both in our home.

If you are looking for some fun ways to let your kids enjoy this stage of their lives, here you go!


Add sand down the slide and you go down faster!


Let you kid stick toys down their jammies.


Occasionally let the kids eat on the kitchen counter and make a huge mess with all the pomegranate seeds.


Let your kid dress up like a super hero for the entire day, running errands and all!


Explore outside


Remember you can’t take your furniture to heaven with you.


Go camping and let them eat s’mores.


Let them poke sticks in the campfire.


Take pictures of them and treasure the memories!


Take them on dates and let them eat a whole chocolate shake with cheese quesadillas!


Realize there’s going to be bumps along the way.


Let them make their own hideout in one of your kitchen cabinets.


Let them attempt “dangerous” actions.


Enjoy their silly faces.

How do you let your kids be kids?

Comment below or tag me on instagram at @asmallthinginyoureyes

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