Looking at the Bright Side

Looking at the bright side graphic

I want to implement a periodic post that is wholly encouraging. If I check Facebook or read most news sources, it seems I only read about hardship, deaths, complaints and conflict.

So I am choosing to look on the bright side!

I am thankful my kids love to be loud.

IMG_3368IMG_3366 IMG_3351 IMG_3363

The floors in our current house are all hardwood and tile and I love that for cleaning and aesthetic reasons. Voices also carry smoothly!

It is a blessing that we have the house to ourselves and so I can yell from downstairs to the second floor and my children can clearly hear me!

I love to hear their quiet loud play. The ever-increasing volume in their voices tell me how excited they are and usually want me to be involved with them in this emotion.

I love how Optimist and I can somehow have a normal toned conversation while the kids are jabbering at octaves way above our own. Our ears somehow find the kids’ loud voices to be like white noise and are able to zone in to each other’s voices only when the occasion arises.

I love my husband and I love my loud kids.

I am looking on the bright side friends!

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