11 Ways Not To Relax

I had to follow up the last post with this one…some of it’s humorous but most is sadly true and we, Americans, seem to struggle with it.

11 ways to not relax

1. Check your phone constantly


It’s rare to find me without my phone.

2. Keep looking at the clock.
3. Sit around hungry.


Don’t eat good homemade pizza.

4. Pay bills.

5. Don’t look for beauty in life.


Photo cred: Caleb Chancey Photography

6. Take offense to everyone


Too cool for school

7. Think of all the ways you’ve failed and put yourself down


Working Hard at his acrobats

8. Don’t listen to good music.

Don't listen to good music.

Photography credit: Caleb Chancey Photography

9. Stop drinking water.


10. Remember all the lies Satan wants you to believe.


Photo Credit: Caleb Chancey Photography

11. Believe that success in the eyes of man is important.

What would you add to this list?

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