We Adopted for Selfish Reasons

I got your attention, didn’t I?

But it’s true…

We wanted to adopt because we wanted a child for ourselves.


Joyful’s Adoption Finalized

After The Third was born I was dealing with medical issues and the doctors encouraged me to not try for another baby for awhile. Well for us, this was heartbreaking. We really wanted a large family, early on in our marriage and family life. We have always wanted our kids to have a sibling who was close to their own age and could also be a friend.

Enter adoption.

Adoption was always on the table and we just didn’t know when it would happen. Once the doctors urged us to give my body a break, we knew it was probably adoption time.

It was exciting and scary to adopt.

One way I can describe it to you is to imagine you are at the top of a high roller coaster and you are looking down.

You know the end result will be awesome but the ride down and uncertainty of the next turn can make your stomach drop.

That’s adoption from my standpoint.


Hallmark’s Adoption Finalized

So yes, we adopted because our family felt lacking.

Your heart doesn’t fill up with too much love.

With each child, your heart grows.

With adoption I felt like my heart began growing from the moment we started.

We knew we were missing a few kids, just not sure which ones.


On Daddy’s birthday 2 day old Joyful with big brother The Third…his best birthday present!


Mama eskimo kissing her first daughter Joyful

After the first adoption, we weren’t sure if adoption was next up on our list of to-do’s.

In a series of events that I’ll spare you right now, 10 months later, we started up the adoption process again!

Family Photo for Hallmark's Upcoming Adoption

Family Photo for Hallmark’s Upcoming Adoption

With Joyful’s adoption being only 4-6 months in length total, the journey to adopt Hallmark unanticipatingly took longer.

We prayed and waited for him for almost a year.

I’ll be honest it was tough at times and I allowed myself to get down.

Incredibly, we got a call a week before Hallmark was born and I left a few days later to meet with his birthmother.


Day 1: Hallmark and Mama


Big sister Joyful getting to hold little brother Hallmark


First family of 5 photo..yes looking into the sun!

And you can guess the rest of the story!

They are ours!

We love, cherish and delight in them.

We fight for them, forget they were adopted, and see facial and character traits that clearly prove we’re their mama and daddy!


The Fab 4


At the end of the day, do you ever just sit back and wonder how you got here?!

Isn’t it wonderful?





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