How The Grinch Saved My Attitude

How The Grinch Saved My Attitude

Waves splash against the rocks

Beautiful waves splashing against the rocks

With moving a lot and having to find new doctors, it’s not always easy to find one that actually cares for you.

And I have one doctor right now that just doesn’t seem to get me.

I grew up needing doctors because of heart issues

so I have come across quite a few doctors,

both overseas and in the States.


Yesterday the kids and I were exploring the local state park

and we like to use our imagination and make up stories.

We found a small cave that reminded the kids of the Grinch’s cave.

Hard to imagine a grinch lives here.

Hard to imagine a grinch lives here.

So as they began to pretend the Grinch was with us, I somehow was reminded

of how he was in desperate need of love and joy and the Whos down in Whoville

were cheery and content.

Despite losing all their belongings and new treats, the Whos sang and were satisfied being together.

And because of their attitude, the Grinch was astounded and finally learned the real meaning of Christmas.

And his heart grew three sizes that day.

Exploring the park

Exploring the park

So here I am,

choosing joy and contentment,

despite my doctor’s chagrin and attitudes

praying and hoping I can be a light for him,

just as the Whos were for the Grinch.

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