How to Cultivate Your Family

I remember in one of my sociology textbooks reading the definitions of family nucleus, clan, tribe, you name it.

Family for us is a very open concept but highly protected as well.

For you family may be your relations, a combo or your roommates.

Family is more than those you eat dinner with,

they are part of the reason you are the way you are.

Thanks to the military, we have had seasons of life

where our closest family was hundreds of miles away.

So holidays and everyday life was shared with neighbors and friends.

These people became our family, so no matter who you consider family to be,

it is always important to deepen your relationship to your family.

5 ways to cultivate your family

5 ways to cultivate your family

1. Participate in hobbies together.

It doesn’t mean you have to LOVE it and do it ALL the time.

Finding something to do as a group

can really bond everyone and provides a place for memories to be shared.

Throwing Rocks in the State Park

Throwing Rocks in the State Park

Practically: We love hiking together and spending time outdoors. While Optimist is at work,

the kids and I head to the state park and throw rocks, explore and make up imaginative stories.

2. Go Together.

Whether it’s to run errands or to pick up a friend, spending time in the mundane every day life builds community.

Gymnastics Viewing

Gymnastics Viewing

Practically: Even if it’s not mandatory for everyone to go, many times we try to go to events as a family.

Dance class is a family event.

Gymnastics is another stop that all the kids make with me and they love to watch their sibling practice!

3. Read books together.

By reading books, you are finding a way to spend down time together without an agenda.

You also have a prime opportunity to share your thoughts.

Reading together

Reading together

Practically: I remember growing up and reading books on car rides with my family.

Some of my fondest memories are reading Carry On, Mr. Bowditch and Brighty of the Grand Canyon together.

**The above picture is 5 years outdated but you get the idea!

4. Communicate.

Yeah that seems really silly, but it’s true.

If you have desires or expectations, communicate and coordinate as a family.



Practically: Until Hallmark was almost 6 months old, we shared a car as a family of 5.

There was a lot of communication needed to share the car and get all our duties accomplished.

It was sometimes tough, but it worked out in the end, we saved a lot of money

and were able to get by with less and we feel less is more!

5. Pray together.

Folded hands in prayer

Folded hands in prayer

Yes, spend 3 minutes praying with each other.

And when the kids are young pray.

Pray for each other, pray for others in the family,

pray for those you are in contact with, pray for the future,

pray. pray. pray.

Practically: It’s so wonderful to hear the kids request to pray for family and friends.

They all will randomly ask to pray for our dinner.

Hearing their little words lifted up to their Creator is one of my favorite things!

So give them opportunities to pray and be a great example of a prayer warrior!

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