Processing and Enjoying the Life I have


To Be Alive is to be Vulnerable.

I have little ambition for this blog probably because I have failed at every other blog. I have these ideas that would be awesome to capture in real time, but usually they fall short, either because I am not willing to put in the time or because I am grasping at words to convey my thoughts and interactions.

As we prepare for heading over to an Arabic-speaking country and I bring along my positive experiences (yes and my baggage) from living in Japan as a kid, I want to be able to process and treasure the hardships, the blessings, the learned lessons and likely the trials I fail and will have to try again at.

Along with Emily P Freeman and author of Daring Greatly, Brene Brown, I want to soak in the moments and truly realize how God has created me as a unique artist.

So here, I will hope to be vulnerable. If you google the meaning of vulnerable, you’ll see it defined as: “susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.”

But I am fighting that definition, I am defying the world’s concept of vulnerable and painting it in a different way. Research Professor and author Brown defines vulnerability as: “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure”. My family and I will go through all of these emotions over the course of the next few years and I want to notice and grow from them.

So here I am attempting to be vulnerable and alive!

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