Wow, your hands are full!


My hands are full and blessed.

As a young mom of four children, when I am out in public with the kids, I inevitably hear someone comment about the size of our family. Usually it’s well-meaning, but not always. And unless I am in a foul mood (which happens more often than I would like), I try to assume the best and give them the benefit of the doubt. Today the kids and I stopped by Ace Hardware. A nice employee approached us and asked to help and smoothly showed us to the items we were looking for. As we were paying, he mentioned, “Wow, your hands are full.” And I smiled and decided to shock him and said, “Yes! And we want more!”

How do you respond when someone makes a comment about the size of your family? Do you take it in stride and smile? Or do you have a go-to response like “My hands are full and so is my heart”? I toy around with different phrases like, “I’ve got lots of helpers” or “And what blessings they are!”

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